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About Us

See this guy? This is Josh. He’s a local fella, who spent his entire life dreaming of owning a hot dog stand, or a hot dog cart, or a hot dog truck. Imagine Bubba in the Forrest Gump movie, only hot dogs instead of shrimp- “Coney Dogs, Chicago Dogs, New York Dogs, Seattle Dogs,” and so on. This dude loves hot dogs.

One day this hot dog loving prince met the partner of his dreams, Cori. She grew-up in Chicago and always wanted to have a specialty food-business, too. Together these two foodies, cooked and created some pretty tasty treats, including unique hot dogs. So when an amazing opportunity came along to open their own hot dog joint, they jumped at the chance and DogSlinger was born!

So here they are living the dream, creating delicious frankfurters, including the standard dogs and sausages you’re all familiar with, plus some gourmet-inspired ones for the more adventurous type.

Nobody makes a meaner wiener!


(269) 281-7184




5664 St. Joseph Ave. Stevensville, MI